Hi, my name is Aryn Williams-Ruebel. I am the pastor at Cruso UMC along with their sister church Long’s UMC.

I have been serving as a pastor for six years and after working in other careers in health care and child development, I am finally at home where God has called me to be.

I grew up in the Methodist Church in East Bend, NC. I loved everything there was about the church; the people, worship, learning about Jesus and learning to serve our Lord and Savior. As happens to many teenagers I began to question my faith. I began to notice the inconsistencies, hypocrisies, and challenges in the institutional church. I was deeply connected to my faith but struggled to understand how people could say they love God and yet live in a way that I did not believe represented that faith. I walked away from the church and in some ways God for about 10 years, through my late teens, college years and early 20’s.

About the time the life I had planned so carefully for myself fell apart I found my way back to church. A friend was struggling to find her way and I thought if going to church would help her, I would go with her. As it turned out, this was God’s way of bringing me back into a relationship with Jesus Christ. The folks at my new church welcomed me in, loved me through my own challenges, and showed me the love and grace of God in ways I had never experienced. These beautiful people and all the people God has put in my path continue to show me that faith or being in church isn’t about being perfect but about loving a God who is. We, even the most faithful and learned Christians, never get it all right nor have it all together. If this were possible we wouldn’t need God. God is continually offering us grace and love despite our failures and loving us perfectly even when we cannot love perfectly ourselves. This helps me to embrace the brokenness of our world and even the church, knowing it is grace through the power of the Holy Spirit which makes us whole.

I finally responded to the call on my life to enter into ordained ministry in 2011 and began seminary and serving as a pastor in 2012.
I am a graduate of East Carolina University and Emory University, Candler School of Theology. I am married to a wonderful man, Jay, who has blessed me with two beautiful and thoughtful teenage daughters, Gracie and Norah. We love to hike, explore these beautiful mountains, watch all kinds of sports, and spend time with our fur babies, Jojo and Jack.